Military History

  title={Military History},
  author={Michael Eliot Howard and Brian E. Bond and J. C. A. Stagg and David P. Chandler and Geoffrey Francis Andrew Best and John Terrine},
  journal={Handbook for History Teachers},
‘Military history’ can be simply defined as the history of armed forces and the conduct of war, and for many years it was a discrete, finite, specialist study. In the United Kingdom it emerged during the eighteenth century, with studies of Marlborough’s wars on the continent and of what were genetically described as ‘the wars in Germany’. It developed with studies of the Napoleonic wars, especially the Peninsular and Waterloo campaigns, and the campaigns of the British armies in North America… 

Max Jähns and the Writing of Military History in Imperial Germany

This article examines the work of the late nineteenth-century German military historian Max Jähns. A career officer in the Prussian Army, he taught military history at the elite War Academy for

Army officers, historians and journalists: the emergence, expansion and diversification of British military history, 1854-1914

At the outbreak of the Crimean War in 1854, Britain had only one military academy which taught Military History, the subject was overlooked at universities, few historians wrote on the topic and the

The use and abuse of history by the military

This paper examines the use and abuse of history by the military. In particular it focuses on military history and its employment in support of officer education by professional armed forces. The

Warfare and State Formation in Hawaii

Between 1782 and 1812, Kamehameha I conquered and unified the Hawaiian Islands. This process was unprecedented in Hawaii and coincided with increasing European contact, prompting many to attribute



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Humanity in Warfare