Military Engagement of the US, France, and Germany in the Sahel. Towards liberal peace by post-modern intervention?

  title={Military Engagement of the US, France, and Germany in the Sahel. Towards liberal peace by post-modern intervention?},
  author={Hans Georg Ehrhart},
  journal={Sicherheits- und Friedensordnungen in Afrika},
  • H. Ehrhart
  • Published 14 May 2019
  • Political Science
  • Sicherheits- und Friedensordnungen in Afrika
The US, France and Germany have been militarily engaged in the Sahel zone for years. The US stepped up its activities after 9/11, France after the insurgency of Tuareg and Islamist groups in 2012 and Germany after the end of the French intervention, “Operation Serval”, in 2015. The initial focal point of engagement was Mali and then was extended to the Sahel region. The official rationale for this intervention is based on a mix of liberal peace arguments, such as protecting human rights… 
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Frankreichs Interventionspolitik im Westlichen Sahel folgt primar einer sicherheitspolitischen Handlungslogik. Humanitare und wirtschaftliche Beweggrunde spielen zwar auch eine Rolle, denn Paris



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Neopatrimonial rule is a mixture of authoritarian and democratic rule characterised by patronage and clientelism. The concept builds on Max Weber's typology of legitimate rule

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