Militarism After the Opening of the Border

  title={Militarism After the Opening of the Border},
  author={Stratis Andreas Efthymiou},
  journal={Nationalism, Militarism and Masculinity in Post-Conflict Cyprus},
  • S. Efthymiou
  • Published 2019
  • Political Science
  • Nationalism, Militarism and Masculinity in Post-Conflict Cyprus
In this chapter, we come to understand militarism in relation to the border crossing and EU membership. The version of militarism that appeared in post-1974 Cyprus—the ideology of defence—has been undermined since then. The governmental, public and male disinvestment in the army have all come in opposition to the post-1974 structures, pointing to changing civil–military relations. The undermined militarist framing of the national struggle, an undermined image of the defence sector, cultural… 



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