Mili, a mammalian member of piwi family gene, is essential for spermatogenesis.

  title={Mili, a mammalian member of piwi family gene, is essential for spermatogenesis.},
  author={Satomi Kuramochi-Miyagawa and Tohru Kimura and Takashi W. Ijiri and Taku Isobe and Noriko Asada and Yukiko Fujita and Masahito Ikawa and Naomi Iwai and Masaru Okabe and Wei Deng and Haifan Lin and Yoichi Matsuda and Toru Nakano},
  volume={131 4},
The piwi family genes, which are defined by conserved PAZ and Piwi domains, play important roles in stem cell self-renewal, RNA silencing, and translational regulation in various organisms. To reveal the function of the mammalian homolog of piwi, we produced and analyzed mice with targeted mutations in the Mili gene, which is one of three mouse homologs of piwi. Spermatogenesis in the MILI-null mice was blocked completely at the early prophase of the first meiosis, from the zygotene to early… CONTINUE READING
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