Milestones of Solar Conversion and Photovoltaics

  title={Milestones of Solar Conversion and Photovoltaics},
  author={V. Petrova-Koch},
  journal={Springer Series in Optical Sciences},
  • V. Petrova-Koch
  • Published 28 November 2019
  • Physics
  • Springer Series in Optical Sciences
Seventh century BC: In ancient Egypt the houses were built so that the solar radiation could be collected during the day and used during the night. Fifth century BC: The Greeks oriented their houses so that they could receive solar energy in the wintertime to heat the buildings. Third century BC: Archimedes used mirrors to reflect direct sun radiation and to defend Syracuse from invasion by the Romans. 

Solar photovoltaic technology: A review of different types of solar cells and its future trends

The Sun is source of abundant energy. We are getting large amount of energy from the Sun out of which only a small portion is utilized. Sunlight reaching to Earth’s surface has potential to fulfill

Silicon surface passivation and epitaxial growth on c-Si by low temperature plasma processes for high efficiency solar cells

This thesis presents a work which has been devoted to the growth of silicon thin films on crystalline silicon for photovoltaic applications by means of RF PECVD. The primary goal of this work was to

Influences of Asymmetrically Distributed Defect States at Rear c-Si/a-Si:H Interface on Performances of Silicon Hetero-Junction Solar Cells

The performances of silicon double hetero-junction solar cells are investigated by the numerical simulator "Automat For Simulation of Hetero-structures (AFORS-HET)". Asymmetrical distribution of