Milestones in magnetic resonance: ‘A new method of measuring nuclear magnetic moment’

  title={Milestones in magnetic resonance: ‘A new method of measuring nuclear magnetic moment’},
  author={Robert Hurwitz},
  journal={Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging},
  • R. Hurwitz
  • Published 1992
  • Physics
  • Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
To apply these ideas a beam of molecules in a 'Z state (no electronic moment) is spread by an inhomogeneous magnetic field and refocused onto a detector by a subsequent field, somewhat as in the experiment of Kellogg, Rabi and Zacharias. ' As in that experiment the re-orienting field is placed in the region between the two magnets. The homogeneous field is produced by an electromagnet capable of supplying uniform fields up to 6000 gauss in a gap 6 mm wide and 5 cm long. In the gap is placed a… Expand
An overview of first-principles calculations of NMR parameters for paramagnetic materials
Many technologically important materials exhibit paramagnetism, for example, lithium intercalation materials for lithium-ion batteries and platinum nanoparticles for catalysis. In order to studyExpand
Assessment of spin-lattice T1 and spin-spin T2 relaxation time measurements in breast cell cultures at 1.5 Tesla as a potential diagnostic tool in vitro
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a critically important tool in current medicine. This dynamic diagnostic method allows for detailed and accurate imaging of the human body and diagnosis ofExpand
Historical Perspective of Imaging Contrast Agents.
Iodine-based intravascular agents became the radiographic compounds of choice and refinements of their chemical structures led to the highly tolerated low-osmolarity agents in use today. Expand
Coherent Resonant Properties of Cardiac Cells
Despite significant advancements in understanding cardiac cell biology, we still lack a clear insight into precise mechanisms that are responsible for the cell functionality. It is becomingExpand
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Magnetic resonance in dermatology.
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Modelagem estatística do fenômeno de troca hidrogênio/deutério em proteínas através de propriedades estruturais e dinâmicas
The study of protein structure and dynamics is an important step to understand its functional mechanisms. Hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HX) is one of the methods available for this kind ofExpand
Genomics and Phylogeny of Motor Proteins: Tools and Analyses
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Celogentin C and Thioviridamide: Synthetic and Structural Studies
Celogentin C and Thioviridamide: Synthetic and Structural Studies Dmitry Nikolayevich Litvinov Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Doctor of Philosophy Project I Celogentin C, isolated byExpand
Transient protein-protein interactions.
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The Magnetic Moment of the Proton
The magnetic moment of the proton has been measured by a method depending on the deflection of a beam of neutral hydrogen atoms in weak magnetic fields of sufficient inhomogeneity. When the field isExpand
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Space Quantization in a Gyrating Magnetic Field
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On the Process of Space Quantization
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The Magnetic Moment of the Deuton
The magnetic moment of the deuton was measured by the deflection of a beam of neutral deuterium atoms. The magnetic moment of the deuton is found to be 0.75\ifmmode\pm\else\textpm\fi{}0.2 nuclearExpand