Mild fetal hydronephrosis indicating vesicoureteric reflux

  title={Mild fetal hydronephrosis indicating vesicoureteric reflux},
  author={Giuseppina Marra and Gilberto Barbieri and Cristina Moioli and Baroukh Maurice Assael and Gianpaolo Grumieri and M. L. Caccamo},
  journal={Pediatric Nephrology},
The management of neonates with mild hydronephrosis diagnosed antenatally is still debated. Although some of these infants are normal, it is recognised that others will have mild obstruction of the ureteropelvic junction or vesicoureteric reflux (VUR). A prospective study was performed in all newborn infants with an antenatal diagnosis of mild hydronephrosis (47 babies, 62 kidneys) born over a two year period in order to assess the frequency of VUR. Voiding cystography in 14 patients with 21… CONTINUE READING