Mild cognitive impairment in the oldest old.

  title={Mild cognitive impairment in the oldest old.},
  author={Bradley F. Boeve and JI McCormick and Glenn E. Smith and Tanis J. Ferman and Teri Rummans and Trevor Carpenter and Robert J. Ivnik and Emre Kokmen and Eric G. Tangalos and Steven Edland and David S. Knopman and Ronald C. Petersen},
  volume={60 3},
BACKGROUND No data exist on whether the syndrome of amnestic mild cognitive impairment occurs in the oldest old, or if the relationships for functional status and neuropsychometric performance based on clinical diagnosis hold true in this age group. DESIGN/METHODS The authors performed comprehensive neurologic evaluations, neuropsychometric testing, and functional assessments on a sample of 90- to 100-year-old residents of Rochester, MN. Subjects were diagnosed as normal or with amnestic mild… CONTINUE READING


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