Mild cervical dyskaryosis: safety of cytological surveillance

  title={Mild cervical dyskaryosis: safety of cytological surveillance},
  author={Marcus Herbert Jones and David Jenkins and Jack Cuzick and Margaret R. Wolfendale and J. J. Jones and C. Balogun-Lynch and Melinda Usherwood and Albert Singer},
  journal={The Lancet},
How best to manage women who are found on cervical screening to have mild dyskaryosis remains controversial. Cytological surveillance misses some lesions picked up by colposcopy, but colposcopy is emotionally traumatic for women, the majority of whom will have a normal result. To determine what proportion of lesions are missed by cytological surveillance, and whether any abnormalities persist after colposcopy, we studied, by means of colposcopy and biopsy, the prevalence of cervical… CONTINUE READING