Migratory birds, ticks, and Bartonella

  title={Migratory birds, ticks, and Bartonella
  author={Ylva Molin and Mats Lindeborg and Fredrik Nystr{\"o}m and Maxime Madder and Eva Hjelm and B. Bornefeldt Olsen and Thomas G T Jaenson and Christian Ehrenborg},
  booktitle={Infection ecology & epidemiology},
Bartonella spp. infections are considered to be vector-borne zoonoses; ticks are suspected vectors of bartonellae. Migratory birds can disperse ticks infected with zoonotic pathogens such as Rickettsia and tick-borne encephalitis virus and possibly also Bartonella. Thus, in the present study 386 tick specimens collected in spring 2009 from migratory birds on the Mediterranean islands Capri and Antikythera were screened for Bartonella spp. RNA. One or more ticks were found on 2.7% of the birds… CONTINUE READING