Migration of chemotactic bacteria in soft agar: role of gel concentration.

  title={Migration of chemotactic bacteria in soft agar: role of gel concentration.},
  author={Ottavio A. Croze and Gail P. Ferguson and Michael E Cates and W. C. Poon},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={101 3},
We study the migration of chemotactic wild-type Escherichia coli populations in semisolid (soft) agar in the concentration range C = 0.15-0.5% (w/v). For C≲0.35%, expanding bacterial colonies display characteristic chemotactic rings. At C = 0.35%, however, bacteria migrate as broad circular bands rather than sharp rings. These are growth/diffusion waves arising because of suppression of chemotaxis by the agar and have not been previously reported experimentally to our knowledge. For C = 0.4-0.5… CONTINUE READING

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