Migration of a Kirschner wire into the thoracic ascendent aorta artery.


The orthopedic metallic pins and wires migration for the chest cavity is uncommon and rarely reported in medical literature although it is potentially lethal, especially when they reach the heart or mediastinum great vessels. We reported a case of Kirschner wire withdrawal, for right postero-lateral thoracotomy, which were transfixating ascendent thoracic aorta artery, in its due to its migration of left clavicle, where it was placed to fix an occurred fracture 10 years before.


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@article{Daud2011MigrationOA, title={Migration of a Kirschner wire into the thoracic ascendent aorta artery.}, author={Danilo F{\'e}lix Daud and Marcos M. Campos}, journal={Revista brasileira de cirurgia cardiovascular : órgão oficial da Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular}, year={2011}, volume={26 3}, pages={508-10} }