Migration in the Southern Balkans. From Ottoman Territory to Globalized Nation States

  title={Migration in the Southern Balkans. From Ottoman Territory to Globalized Nation States},
  author={Cengiz Haks{\"o}z},
  journal={Comparative Southeast European Studies},
  pages={603 - 605}
  • Cengiz Haksöz
  • Published 1 December 2018
  • History
  • Comparative Southeast European Studies
a valuable contribution meant for a general and German-reading audience. As the editors point out in the introduction, their book aims to provide an introductory and broad read that is primarily meant for people unfamiliar with BiH. Policy makers and students with an interest in the politics of the region will find an easily accessible volume that will give them a basic understanding of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its institutional complexity, and socioeconomic background. 

The Kosovo Conflict and the Changing Migration Patterns of the Gorani Community: Continuities and Shifts

The Gorani are one of the archetypal migrant communities in the Balkans: migrations in search of livelihoods and better living conditions have become for them a structure of everyday life,

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The opening of the borders after the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union in 2007 created better job and life opportunities abroad for many Bulgarians, but

Changing practices of “being together” in the transnational kin-relationships among Gorani

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    Bulletin de l'Institut etnographique
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Risk assessment of African swine fever in the south‐eastern countries of Europe

The estimated probability of spread of ASF within the ROC within one year after introduction into theROC was assessed to be very high, and the probability of AsF spread from the Roc to EU MSs outside the R OC within oneyear after introduction was estimated to bevery low to low.