Migration in Vietnam: New Evidence from Recent Surveys

  title={Migration in Vietnam: New Evidence from Recent Surveys},
  author={Ian A. Coxhead and Cuong Viet Nguyen and Linh Hoang Vu},
  journal={Labor: Public Policy \& Regulation eJournal},
The authors investigate determinants of individual migration decisions in Vietnam, a country with increasingly high levels of geographical labor mobility. Using data from the Vietnam Household Living Standards Survey (VHLSS) of 2012, the authors find that probability of migration is strongly associated with individual, household and community-level characteristics. The probability of migration is higher for young people and those with post-secondary education. Migrants are more likely to be… Expand
Care Needs and Migration: Household Determinants of Internal Labour Migration in Vietnam
Abstract:Migration stands as a livelihood strategy for households in Southeast Asia. Recent literature calls for the study of migration at the household level and for the consideration of care needsExpand
The Impact of Migration and Remittances on Household Welfare: Evidence from Vietnam
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Segregated and not equal ? Occupation , earnings gap between urban residents and rural migrants in Vietnam
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Migration and Rural Differentiation: Evidence from a Vietnamese Village
This paper explores the links between migration and social differentiation in rural Vietnam after the reform period (2005–2015) through a case study of Maithon village, Chilang District, BacninhExpand
Segregated and not equal? Occupation, earnings gap between urban residents and rural migrants in Vietnam
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine the earnings differentials between the locals and the rural–urban migrants in urban labor market in Vietnam. Design/methodology/approach Using theExpand
Determinants influencing the decision of internal migration in the context of an emerging country
  • Ngoc Hung Pham, Manh Dung Tran, Anh Duc Le, Thuy Linh Le
  • Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review
  • 2021
Internal migration plays a crucial role in influencing real changes in local area population size and in facilitating the efficient functions of regional and national labor market and housing. ThisExpand
Easy come, easy go? Economic shocks, labor migration and the family left behind
This article investigates the impact of negative income shocks in migrant destination countries around the world on the domestic and international labor migration decisions of their family membersExpand
“We no longer fear brides from afar”: Marriage markets and gendered mobilities in rural Vietnam
Since the late 1990s, Vietnamese women’s participation in international marriage migration has garnered academic and media attention. In contrast, internal marriage migration, a key driver of overallExpand
Leaving the Village but Not the Rice Field: Role of Female Migrants in Agricultural Production and Household Autonomy in Red River Delta, Vietnam
The research investigates the impacts of female migrants on household’s farming and its implications on rural household autonomy under the context of economic reform in Vietnam. The different formsExpand


Internal Migration in Ghana: Determinants and Welfare Impacts
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Determinants and Impacts of Migration in Vietnam
This paper uses the recent Vietnam Household Living Standard Survey 2004 to analyze the determinants and impacts of migration in Vietnam. Most of the previous studies on the determinants and impactsExpand
Rural–Urban Migration, Household Vulnerability, and Welfare in Vietnam
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Leaving or Staying: Inter-Provincial Migration in Vietnam
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Rural to Urban Migration as a Household Decision: Experimental Evidences from the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
This paper reports the results of a survey from 148 households in the Mekong Delta regarding the household's decision of migration. Recent studies of migration indicated that a decision of migrationExpand
Migration to Competing Destinations and Off-Farm Employment in Rural Vietnam: A Conditional Logit Analysis
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Determinants of Remittances: Recent Evidence Using Data on Internal Migrants in Vietnam
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Migration incentives migration types: the role of relative deprivation.
The importance of absolute income and relative deprivation incentives is examined for internal and international migration in developing country households. Empirical results, based on MexicanExpand
Foreign Job Opportunities and Internal Migration in Vietnam
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Internal Migration and Development in Vietnam 1
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