Migration and gout: the Tokelau Island migrant study.

  title={Migration and gout: the Tokelau Island migrant study.},
  author={Isabelle Prior and T. J. Welby and Truls Ostbye and Clare E. Salmond and Y. M. Stokes},
  journal={British medical journal},
  volume={295 6596},
The prevalence and 14 year incidence of clinical gout and its precursors were investigated in the Polynesian population of Tokelauans living in the Pacific basin, non-migrant Tokelauans living in their isolated atoll homeland being compared with migrant Tokelauans living in urban New Zealand. The age standardised prevalence of gout in Tokelauan men in New Zealand was higher than that in non-migrant Tokelauan men, being 21.0 and 19.5/1000 subjects at the beginning of the study and 51.0 and 14.6… CONTINUE READING

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