Migration and function of Th17 cells.

  title={Migration and function of Th17 cells.},
  author={Chang H Kim},
  journal={Inflammation & allergy drug targets},
  volume={8 3},
  • Chang H Kim
  • Published 2009 in Inflammation & allergy drug targets
T cells play central roles in regulation of the immune system in mammals. T cell receptor alphabeta T cells that can produce the cytokine IL-17 are called Th17 cells and form a lineage of effector T cells that are distinct from Th1, Th2 and FoxP3(+) T cells. The primary function of Th17 cells is to fight infection by bacterial and fungal pathogens. Autoreactive Th17 cells are implicated in mediating inflammation in the central nerves system, joints and other tissues. Th17 cells express a number… CONTINUE READING
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