Migration and Social Transformation

  title={Migration and Social Transformation},
  author={Stephen Castles},
The establishment of the Migration Studies Unit can be understood as part of a process of rapid growth of migration studies – whic h is happening not just in Britain but also throughout Europe and indeed the rest of t he world. Compared with the situation twenty or even ten years ago, migration s tudies has come of age. There are degree courses, specialised journals, conferences a nd a European network of excellence. Hundreds of doctoral candidates are wor king on international migration, and… 

Alter-Globalism and Development in Migration Conditions. The Case of an East European Country

Globalisation is a process that brings advantages and disadvantages to all states, regardless of their stage of development. The relative deprivation, especially the financial one, of the developing

The migration and development nexus in Morocco: an embedded study of French, German and Dutch returnee entrepreneurship support

ABSTRACT While studies have questioned the development impact of (re)migrants activities as part of the Migration and Development nexus, host country government support for, among others, returnee

Skilled Indians in Switzerland

Global transformations and technological advances have helped generate communication and information systems and transport networks that have facilitated connections between people and their

Spanish Migrations to Europe: From the Fordist Model to the Flexible Economy

Abstract:This article compares and contrasts the strategies deployed by Spanish migrants in two periods: Fordism, during the emigration of the 1960s, and flexible capitalism, for the emigration that

Refugees and rural development: Chances from migration and challenges of integration

The current immigration of refugees leads to a discussion about links between rural development and migration. Some rural regions in Germany formulate the hope that they can benefit from refugee

Using transnational lenses to analyse interconnections between migration, education and development

The article focuses on the development implications of the transformation processes underway in primary and professional education due to the increase in transnational migration. The initial

Moving relationships/shifting alliances: Constructions of migration in the leftist anti-racist movement in Athens

Researching migration in Greece presents opportunities for expanding and reconsidering debates on multiculturalism, sovereignty and postcolonialism in the era of globalization. Common identity

Free floating in the cosmopolis? exploring the identity-belonging of transnational knowledge workers

In this article I explore what I call the 'identity-belonging' of trans- national knowledge workers, a diverse group of serially migrating career professionals who have spent extended periods of time

Labour Relations and Labour Structures in Mediterranean Capitalism. Caporalato and Romanian Migration in the Southern Italian Agriculture

    Dana Domşodi
    Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Sociologia
  • 2019
Abstract In this paper I will examine the structural and social features of the gang-mastered labour system (caporalato) as it appears in the agricultural production process in Italy. I will discuss

Poetics of Migration Trauma in Mohsin Hamid's "Exit West"

Migration has emerged as one of the most pertinent issues in the contemporary milieu. Currently, more than ever, people from many countries are being forced to migrate because of religious, social,

Twenty-First-Century Migration as a Challenge to Sociology

International migration is, by definition, a social phenomenon that crosses national borders and affects two or more nation-states. Its analysis requires theories and methodologies capable of

The Age of Migration

Preface to the 3rd Edition - Introduction - The Migratory Process and the Formation of Ethnic Minorities - International Migration Before 1945 - Migration to Highly Developed Countries since 1945 -

Why migration policies fail

Abstract Immigration and asylum are key political issues in Britain and the European Union. Yet the policies of states and supranational bodies seem to have had little success in preventing unwanted

Methodological Nationalism, the Social Sciences, and the Study of Migration: An Essay in Historical Epistemology 1

The article examines methodological nationalism, a conceptual tendency that was central to the development of the social sciences and undermined more than a century of migration studies.

Migration, Citizenship, and the European Welfare State: A European Dilemma

This book provides a major new examination of the current dilemmas of liberal anti-racist policies in European societies, linking two discourses that are normally quite separate in social science:

Global Transformations: Politics, Economics, and Culture

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the 1999 Conference was the plenary session in which Professors David Held and Mahdi Elmandjra came together to discuss the theme of ‘“Globalization”: Democracy

The Rise and Fall of Multiculturalism: The Case of the Netherlands

Wake up any expert on immigrant integration in the middle of the night and ask that person to name a country known for its multiculturalism. Ten to one that the answer will be Canada, Australia or

Migration Theory Talking across Disciplines

patents, etc.), seed companies (including industry associations), and experts (researchers, universities, professional organizations and journals). With the increased technical specialization of

The rise of the network society

From the Publisher: This ambitious book is an account of the economic and social dynamics of the new age of information. Based on research in the USA, Asia, Latin America, and Europe, it aims to

The Hypothesis of the Mobility Transition

OCIAL scientists are guided in their gropings toward pattern and regularity in human activities by their small hoard of paradigms. In the fields of geography and demography, such broad intellectual