Migration and Marriage

  title={Migration and Marriage},
  author={Garbi Schmidt},
  • G. Schmidt
  • Published 1 October 2011
  • History, Economics
Migration and Marriage 

Moral boundaries and national borders: Cuban marriage migration to Denmark

The discussion of marriage migration in Denmark primarily has focused on citizens of immigrant descent (‘New Danes’) who marry partners from their ancestral homeland (often Turkey or Pakistan). This

Transnational Roma marriage migration: Challenges and opportunities

A number of studies argue that marriage migration (migration for the purposes of, or following marriage) invokes numerous anxieties, strategies and ambitions and may therefore be seen as potentially

Cross-Border Marriages between Residents of South Kosovo and Western Europe: Discourses, Aspirations and Realities

  • Carolin Leutloff-Grandits
  • Sociology, Economics
    Contemporary Migration Trends and Flows on the Territory of Southeast Europe
  • 2019
For the inhabitants of Kosovo, marriage migration is one of the few legal forms to enter the EU with a long-term perspective. Still, based on the perception that it fosters the immigration of

Transnational migrant families: navigating marriage, generation and gender in multiple spheres

This special issue seeks to enrich readers’ understandings of the transnational family practices and relations of selected migrant groups of a predominantly Muslim background in a number of Western

Transnational marriages and the health and well-being of Thai migrant women living in Norway

Investigation of the health and well-being of Thai immigrant women in transnational marriages in Norway finds initial culture shock and a mixture of employment issues, transnational ties, marital relationships and social networks intertwined to influence women’s health andwell-being over time.

Tourist brides and migrant grooms: Cuban–Danish couples and family reunification policies

  • N. Fernandez
  • Sociology
    Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
  • 2019
ABSTRACT As a development strategy mass tourism often precipitates social changes, expected and unexpected. Emigration through marriage may seem to be an unlikely by-product of the expanding tourist

Intimate Contradictions: Comparing the Impact of Danish Family Unification Laws on Pakistani and Cuban Marriage Migrants

The Danish family unification policies are based on an underlying moral agenda rooted in the idea of emotional, intimate, love-based marriages as the basis of the modern nation state. This paper

In the Rhythm of the Global Market: Female Expatriates and Mobile Careers: A Case Study of Indian ICT Professionals on the Move

Drawing upon research regarding the complexities of family reunification migration and the migration of highly skilled individuals, this article outlines the experiences in mobility of highly skilled

'Because It's an Islamic Marriage' Conditions Upon Marriage and after Divorce in Transnational Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch-Egyptian Marriages

Spouses in transnational Dutch-Moroccan or Dutch-Egyptian marriages potentially get married in a foreign legal system or in two legal systems with significant differences with regard to, for example,

Thai wives in Europe and European husbands in Thailand: how social locations shape their migration experiences and engagement with host societies

ABSTRACT This study examines the migration experiences of women and men in Thai-European transnational couples, focusing on how their respective identities and social locations affect their




This article offers an analysis and interpretation of a high rate of marriage to relatives, especially first cousins, in a sample of second-generation British Pakistanis. It argues that the high rate

South Asian transnational marriages in comparative perspective

This issue on South Asian transnational marriages brings diverse practices and networks into detailed ethnographic focus. Gender and agency are key themes explored in the collection, as well as the

‘Integration’: Migrants and Refugees between Scandinavian Welfare Societies and Family Relations

After a long history dominated by out-migration, Denmark, Norway and Sweden have, in the past 50 years, become immigration societies. This article compares how these Scandinavian welfare societies

Risk, trust, gender and transnational cousin marriage among British Pakistanis

Abstract The substantial numbers of incoming spousal migrants from Pakistan is a notable feature of contemporary British immigration. This article argues for the utility of viewing such marriages,

Who Do Immigrants Marry? Partner Choice Among Single Immigrants in Germany

This article analyses the factors leading single immigrants in Germany to marry a native partner, a co-national immigrant residing in Germany, or a co-national residing in the country of origin.

Risk and Ritual: The Protection of British Pakistani Women in Transnational Marriage

With increasing numbers of Pakistani nationals entering Britain as the spouses of British Pakistanis, concern has been voiced over the risks faced by British Pakistani women entering into such

Marriage in a ‘Culture of Migration’. Emirdag Marrying into Flanders

The persistently high popularity of migration marriages within large immigrant populations in Western Europe is an intriguing phenomenon. Why do so many young people born and raised in Western Europe

Gender Dynamics in the Context of Turkish Marriage Migration: The Case of Belgium

Abstract This study focuses on gender aspects of Turkish migration to Western Europe, more specifically to Belgium. During the last few decades, marriage has become one of the few means for Turks to

Beyond class and nation: reframing social inequalities in a globalizing world.

  • U. Beck
  • Economics
    The British journal of sociology
  • 2007
In this essay the 'cosmopolitan perspective' on relations of social inequality in three cases is conceptually elucidated: the inequality of global risk; the Europe-wide dynamic of inequality; and transnational inequalities, which emerge from the capacities and resources to transcend borders.

"Postordrebrude" i Nordvestjylland: transnationale ægteskaber i et omsorgsøkonomisk perspektiv

Sine Plambech: ’’Mail Order Brides’’ in Northwestern Jutland: Transnational Marriages in the Global Care Economy Women from Asia are increasingly traversing borders to marry men in the Western