Migralepsy: is the current definition too narrow?

  title={Migralepsy: is the current definition too narrow?},
  author={Ferdinando Maggioni and Edoardo Mampreso and Silvia Ruffatti and Federica Viaro and Viviana Lunardelli and Giorgio Zanchin},
  volume={48 7},
The relationship between epilepsy and migraine is complex and remains to be determined. We report 3 cases that address 2 questions on this topic. The first and second cases showed an association between migraine without aura and the onset of epileptic seizures. The third case report describes a patient in whom migraine with aura occurred and was followed by the development of status epilepticus, which occurred 2 or 3 hours after the attack of migraine with aura. We discuss the present… CONTINUE READING

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