Migraine: gene mutations and functional consequences.

  title={Migraine: gene mutations and functional consequences.},
  author={Arn M J M van den Maagdenberg and Joost Haan and Gisela M. Terwindt and Michel D. Ferrari},
  journal={Current opinion in neurology},
  volume={20 3},
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Genetic and functional studies of mutations in familial hemiplegic migraine reveal a major role for disturbed ion transport. Gene identification in common, multifactorial migraine remains challenging. RECENT FINDINGS Several new mutations have been identified in FHM1, FHM2 and FHM3 genes. Functional consequences of familial hemiplegic migraine mutations point to an important role for cortical spreading depression in migraine pathophysiology. New genetic approaches have been… CONTINUE READING


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