Midline Diastema Closure with Partial Laminate Veneers: A Case Report

  title={Midline Diastema Closure with Partial Laminate Veneers: A Case Report},
  author={Ender Akan and Bora Bağış},
  journal={Balkan Journal of Dental Medicine},
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Summary This case report describes a treatment of big diastema with hybrid ceramic restorative material, using chairside CAD/CAM system with veneer technique. 
Enchanting smile with laminate veneers (Contact lens of teeth) – A case report
From a purely cosmetic standpoint, the value of the appearance of one's teeth has taken on greater importance in today’s society. Various multiple options are available to serve the problem arising
Aesthetic Closure of Maxillary and Mandibular Anterior Spaces Using Direct Composite Resin Build-Ups: A Case Report
This case report describes the clinical restorative procedure of direct composite resin build-up for the closure of multiple anterior spaces using composite build-ups combined with orthodontic treatment.
Evaluation of the fracture strength of porcelain sectional veneers made from different sintered feldspathic porcelains: An in vitro study.
There was no difference in the fracture strength of the porcelain sectional veneers for the 2 types of sintered porcelains used in this study.
O Tratamento de Diastemas com planejamento por Mock-Up: Revisão de Literatura / Treatment of Diastema with planning using Mock-Up: Literature Review
As alteracoes na harmonia orofacial podem ocasionar um impacto negativo na autoestima do paciente. Para a realizacao de correcoes esteticas pode ser utilizado o planejamento reverso, que consiste no


Clinical evaluation of porcelain laminate veneers: a four-year recall report.
The following is a clinical evaluation of custom laboratory processed porcelain laminates for the conservative treatment of the discolored dentition--a four-year recall report.
Minimum thickness anterior porcelain restorations.
  • G. Radz
  • Medicine
    Dental clinics of North America
  • 2011
The latest porcelain materials and their use in minimum thickness restoration are explored and one of the most predictable, most esthetic, and least invasive modalities of treatment is explored.
Esthetic rehabilitation of anterior teeth with porcelain laminates and sectional veneers.
This clinical report describes a situation in which application of porcelain laminates and sectional veneers was chosen as the therapy of choice, and a step-by-step protocol is proposed for cementation of these delicate restorations.
Feldspathic veneers: what are their indications?
In recent years, the use of hand-layered powder/liquid feldspathic porcelain has been revived based on its highly esthetic values and little-to-no preparation requirements.
Minimally invasive restoration of a maxillary central incisor with a partial veneer.
  • S. Horvath, C. Schulz
  • Medicine
    The European journal of esthetic dentistry : official journal of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
  • 2012
This type of restoration proves to be a suitable alternative to direct composite restorations in the anterior area for the reconstruction of a limited defect, eg, due to a dental trauma.
Survival rates for porcelain laminate veneers with special reference to the effect of preparation in dentin: a literature review.
  • F. Burke
  • Medicine
    Journal of esthetic and restorative dentistry : official publication of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry ... [et al.]
  • 2012
It was concluded that survival rates of porcelain laminate veneers are rarely 100%, and there is reasonable evidence indicating that a veneer preparation into dentin adversely affects survival.
Effect of porcelain and enamel thickness on porcelain veneer failure loads in vitro.
As porcelain thickness, enamel thickness, and their combined thickness increased, the loads needed to produce initial fracture and catastrophic failure rose substantially, and porcelains withstood considerable damage before catastrophic failure.
Etched porcelain veneers: the current state of the art.
  • J. Calamia
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