Midfacial fractures: our experience.


Authors report their experience in the treatment of midfacial fractures in 201 patients, 177 of whom underwent surgery for reduction and fixation of the fracture. Since no functional or aesthetic deficits were present, surgery was not performed in the remaining 24 cases. Of the 177 patients, the maxillary complex was involved in 70 (classified as central and centro-lateral fractures), the zygomatic-maxillary-orbital complex in another 70, isolated fractures of the orbital floor blow-out in 18, and, isolated fractures of the zygomatic arch in 19. The results obtained and the degree of satisfaction were evaluated in 90 patients with clinical visits, as well as by telephone interview. A total of 88 patients expressed complete satisfaction with the results of the surgical outcome, while the remaining 2 patients were not satisfied with the aesthetic outcome. All patients were operated within 24-48 hours post-trauma in the case of incarceration of extrinsic ocular muscles, and within 10 days in other types of trauma, even in those patients in intensive care. The importance of clinical and radiological pre-operative diagnosis is stressed as well as the choice of the most suitable therapeutic approach for the different types of fractures, considering recent tendencies towards minimally invasive procedures to achieve better cosmetic results. The latest developments in fixation techniques with reference to titanium mini- and/or micro-plates that may eventually be substituted with absorbable materials are discussed.

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