Middle mesenteric artery visualized by computed tomographic angiography

  title={Middle mesenteric artery visualized by computed tomographic angiography},
  author={Jun Koizumi and Bertrand Janne d'Oth{\'e}e and Phillipe Otal and Herv{\'e} Rousseau and F. Joffre and Ehiichi Kohda and Kyoichi Hiramatsu},
  journal={Abdominal Imaging},
The middle mesenteric artery, a third mesenteric artery arising from the aorta that principally feeds the transverse colon, is an extremely rare anomaly. We identified a middle mesenteric artery branching into the ileocolic artery and into the right, middle, and accessory middle colic arteries. It supplied the cecum and the entire ascending and transverse colon. This anomaly was detected with computed tomographic angiography.