Middle Miocene closure of the Central American Seaway

  title={Middle Miocene closure of the Central American Seaway},
  author={Camilo Montes and Agust{\'i}n Cardona and Carlos A. Jaramillo and Alfonso Pardo and Juvenal Cordeiro Silva and Veronica Valencia and Carmen Ayala and L. C. P{\'e}rez-Angel and L. A. Rodriguez-Parra and Viani Ram{\'i}rez and Hiroyuki Nino},
Uranium-lead geochronology in detrital zircons and provenance analyses in eight boreholes and two surface stratigraphic sections in the northern Andes provide insight into the time of closure of the Central American Seaway. The timing of this closure has been correlated with Plio-Pleistocene global oceanographic, atmospheric, and biotic events. We found… CONTINUE READING