Middle Eocene (Bartonian) Ficus from Monte di Malo (Vicenza - Italy)

  title={Middle Eocene (Bartonian) Ficus from Monte di Malo (Vicenza - Italy)},
  author={Mauro Bernabei and Bernardetta Pallozzi and Loris Ceccon and Paolo Mietto and Guido Roghi},
The Middle Eocene (Bartonian, ~ 40 Ma) deposits of the Lessini Mountains in the Veneta region are well-known for their well-preserved fossil plants which have been studied since the XVII century. A fossil wood sample recently found in the Val Matta area, in the Municipality of Monte di Malo (Vicenza, Italy), is described. This piece of wood has anatomical characteristics that occur in the extant genus Ficus of the Moraceae, and it is Europe’s oldest known wood of the genus. 
Fossil woods from the Cenozoic of Panama (Azuero Peninsula) reveal an ancient neotropical rainforest
Based on the combination of taxonomic identity and functional anatomy, silicified woods from Panama are interpreted as evidence for humid to perhumid megathermal climate in Panama during the late Paleogene-early Neogene.
Ficoxylon fusiforme (Moraceae), a New Species from the Upper Cretaceous Nubian Sandstone, Southern Egypt
A NEW species of Ficoxylon Kaiser (Moraceae) is described from Upper Cretaceous Nubian Sandstone in the Aswan area, southern Egypt. The new species is designated Ficoxylon fusiforme. This is the