Middle Eastern Dance and What We Call It

  title={Middle Eastern Dance and What We Call It},
  author={Ainsley Hawthorn},
  journal={Dance Research},
This article traces the historical background of the term ‘belly dance’, the English-language name for a complex of solo, improvised dance styles of Middle Eastern and North African origin whose movements are based on articulations of the torso. The expression danse du ventre – literally, ‘dance of the belly’ – was initially popularised in France as an alternate title for Orientalist artist Jean-Léon Gérôme's 1863 painting of an Egyptian dancer and ultimately became the standard designation for… 

Camels, Temples, and Jewels: Representing Middle Eastern Movement in Canadian English

ABSTRACT The English-language nomenclature that is used to designate belly dance movement is a vital site for the expression of ideas, fantasies, and fears about the Middle East and North Africa, the

La popularisation de la « danse du ventre »

appellation a été transmise et traduite dans d’autres langues européennes en 1889 à la suite du reportage médiatique international sur les danseuses orientales à l’Exposition universelle de Paris. Un

Oryantal Dans, Kadın Deneyimleri, Sahne ve Dramaturji: Bir Araştırma Hikâyesi

  • Berna Kurt
  • Education
    Uluslararasi Kibris Universitesi Fen-Edebiyat Fakultesi
  • 2021
In this study, I reflect upon my belly dance research that I have been conducting since the last three years in three different countries and five different cities, with women having various



Beyond the Belly: An Appraisal of Middle Eastern Dance (aka Belly Dance) as Leisure

Abstract Middle Eastern dance (aka belly dance) is an ancient and expressive form of movement, associated with feminine and community-based celebration and ritual. However, it is also thought of as

Exotic Identities: Dance, Difference, and Self-fashioning

In this article, we present two independent ethnographic studies—one examining belly dancing by white women in Central Ohio and one examining the salsa dance scene in the culturally diverse