Middle Devonian Hollinid Ostracods from the Falls of the Ohio

  title={Middle Devonian Hollinid Ostracods from the Falls of the Ohio},
  author={R. V. Kesling and R. Peterson},
Although hollinid ostracods from the Middle Devonian Jeffersonville limestone at the Falls of the Ohio have been known for many years, a detailed study reveals a new genus, Flaccivelum, and fifteen new species, belonging to the genera Abditoloculina, Ctenoloculina, Hollina, Hollinella, and Subligaculum. Nine other species, belonging to the genera Abditoloculina, Adelphobolbina, Flaccivelum, Hollina, and Hollinella, have been previously described. Many of the species of Abditoloculina are… Expand
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