Middle Bathonian floras and phytocoenoses of France

  title={Middle Bathonian floras and phytocoenoses of France},
  author={Marc Andr{\'e} Philippe and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Th{\'e}venard and Georges Barale and Serge Ferry and Ga{\"e}tan Guignard},
Abstract In the Causses Basin (SE France), a continental lignitic deposit yields a diverse middle Bathonian megaflora, until now almost unstudied. The floristic data include megafloras, palynology and data from woods and leafy shoots. The palaeoecology of this flora is quite unique, representing backswamps, fens, and freshwater ponds in a carbonate domain. There is little evidence of vegetation from brackish environments. Elsewhere in France, contemporaneous floras are known, with different… CONTINUE READING