[Midcarpal fusion using break-away compression screw].


Indication of midcarpal fusion is SNAC or SLAC wrist grade 3. The main complication of circular plate (most common technique) is non-union. In this context, the purpose of our work was to propose the use of break-away compression screws to decrease the rate of non-union. Our series included ten patients. The fusion was fixed using two break-away compression screws (2mm diameter). No bone graft was used. As assessment, subjective (pain, Quick-DASH) and objective (strength, mobility) criteria were reviewed at follow-up. All the criteria were significantly improved after operation except mobility. Among the complications, we noticed one delayed bone-healing with a good outcome and a radiological consolidation. Midcarpal fusion by dorsal approach using break-away compression screws appears to us a technique of interest, not requiring a bone graft, with good cost effectiveness.

DOI: 10.1016/j.main.2011.11.003

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@article{Maire2012MidcarpalFU, title={[Midcarpal fusion using break-away compression screw].}, author={Nicolas Maire and Sybille A Facca and St{\'e}phanie Gouzou and Philippe Liverneaux}, journal={Chirurgie de la main}, year={2012}, volume={31 1}, pages={24-9} }