Midbody sealing after cytokinesis in embryos of the sea urchin Arabacia punctulata

  title={Midbody sealing after cytokinesis in embryos of the sea urchin Arabacia punctulata},
  author={Dr. Jean M. Sanger and Mark Bennett Pochapin and Joseph W. Sanger},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
Cytokinesis consists of a contractile phase followed by sealing of the connecting midbody to form two separated cells. To determine how soon the midbody sealed after cleavage furrow contraction, the fluorescent dye Lucifer Yellow CH(457.3 M.W.) was microinjected into cells at various intervals after cleavage had begun. Mitotic PtK2 cells were recorded with video-microscopy so that daughter cells in the epithelial sheet could be identified for several hours after cell division. One daughter cell… CONTINUE READING
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