MidExDB: A database of Drosophila CNS midline cell gene expression

  title={MidExDB: A database of Drosophila CNS midline cell gene expression},
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  journal={BMC Developmental Biology},
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  • Scott R. Wheeler, S. B. Stagg, S. Crews
  • Published 2009
  • Medicine, Biology
  • BMC Developmental Biology
  • BackgroundThe Drosophila CNS midline cells are an excellent model system to study neuronal and glial development because of their diversity of cell types and the relative ease in identifying and studying the function of midline-expressed genes. In situ hybridization experiments generated a large dataset of midline gene expression patterns. To help synthesize these data and make them available to the scientific community, we developed a web-accessible database.DescriptionMidExDB (Drosophila CNS… CONTINUE READING
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