Mid-infrared laser ablation of the cornea: a comparative study.

  title={Mid-infrared laser ablation of the cornea: a comparative study.},
  author={QiuShi Ren and Vasan Venugopalan and Kevin T. Schomacker and Thomas F. Deutsch and Thomas J Flotte and Carmen A. Puliafito and Reginald Birngruber},
  journal={Lasers in surgery and medicine},
  volume={12 3},
The ablation thresholds and patterns of collateral damage in cornea produced by Er:YAG (2.94 microns) and Er:YSGG (2.79 microns) lasers were measured. Two different pulse durations, 200 microseconds (normal spiking mode) and 100 ns (Q-switched mode), were used at both wavelengths. In the normal spiking mode, damage zones of 16 +/- 2 microns and 39 +/- 7 microns and ablation thresholds of 250 +/- 20 mJ/cm2 and 420 +/- 35 mJ/cm2 were measured at 2.94 microns and 2.79 microns, respectively. In the… CONTINUE READING

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