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Mid-South Educational Research Association Annual Meeting (Bowling Green, KY, November

  title={Mid-South Educational Research Association Annual Meeting (Bowling Green, KY, November},
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Head Start classroom teachers’ and assistant teachers’ perceptions of professional development using a LEARN framework

This study investigates early childhood education teachers’ and assistant teachers’ views about a year-long professional development model that focuses on developing intentional teaching. The study

Editorial: Evidence-Based Guidelines for Publishing Articles in Research in the Schools and Beyond

As Co-Editors of Research in the Schools, they have noticed that many authors commit flaws— namely, errors of commission and omission--that play an important role in the demise of the manuscript, subsequently contributing to its rejection.

Typology of Analytical and Interpretational Errors in Quantitative and Qualitative Educational Research

A comprehensive review of the literature discussing various problems was conducted and common analytical and interpretational misconceptions are presented for data-analytic techniques representing each major member of the general linear model, including hierarchical linear modeling.

Without Supporting Statistical Evidence, Where Would Reported Measures of Substantive Importance Lead? To No Good Effect

Although estimating substantive importance (in the form of reporting effect sizes) has recently received widespread endorsement, its use has not been subjected to the same degree of scrutiny as has



Effective programs for students at risk

tor’s key role in terms of the educational opportunities for this particular student populace. The book is a scholar’s study and not easy reading, but the tone is objective, the purpose informative.

Every Child, Every School: Success for All

Success for All The Promise and the Plan Reading and Writing/Language Arts Programs Tutoring Programs Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Programs Roots and Wings Adding Social Studies, Science, and

Word recognition and word identification: A review of research on effective instructional practices with learning disabled students

Abstract This article presents a review of investigations related to word learning of learning disabled students. The studies described here were located in a literature review covering the last 15

Comparing Instructional Models for the Literacy Education of High-Risk First Graders

Comparing instructional models for the literacy education of high-risk first graders THIS TUDY was designed to examine the effectiveness of Reading Recovery as compared to three other instructional

Training the word recognition skills of reading disabled children : treatment and transfer effects

Fifty-four disabled readers were randomly assigned to one of two word recognition and spelling training programs or to a problem solving and study skills training program. One word-training program

Increasing the Academic Success of Disadvantaged Children: An Examination of Alternative Early Intervention Programs

In recent years, two programs have gained national attention for producing significant and sustained effects on the reading performance of at-risk children. One is Reading Recovery which uses highly

Qualitative evaluation and research methods

PART ONE: CONCEPTUAL ISSUES IN THE USE OF QUALITATIVE METHODS The Nature of Qualitative Inquiry Strategic Themes in Qualitative Methods Variety in Qualitative Inquiry Theoretical Orientations