Mid-IR type-I and type-II quantum cascade lasers

  title={Mid-IR type-I and type-II quantum cascade lasers},
  author={W.-Y. Pauchy Hwang and Chih-Hsiang Lin and S Iu Zaĭtsev and Jung-Sup Um and Hong-Wen Ren},
  journal={Conference Digest. 2000 IEEE 17th International Semiconductor Laser Conference. (Cat. No.00CH37092)},
In the past three years, we have been optimizing an alternative cascade configuration based on interband transitions in type-II InAs/InGaSb/AlSb quantum wells (QWs). We have achieved an internal quantum efficiency (IQE) of 580% and a CW output power of 53 mW were achieved at 80 K at 4.4 /spl mu/m. The maximum operation temperature for a 4.2 /spl mu/m type… CONTINUE READING