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Mid-Air Drawing of Curves on 3D Surfaces in AR/VR

  title={Mid-Air Drawing of Curves on 3D Surfaces in AR/VR},
  author={Rahul Arora and Karan Pratap Singh},
Complex 3D curves can be created by directly drawing mid-air in immersive environments (AR/VR). Drawing mid-air strokes precisely on the surface of a 3D virtual object however, is difficult; necessitating a projection of the mid-air stroke onto the user "intended" surface curve. We present the first detailed investigation of the fundamental problem of 3D stroke projection in AR/VR. An assessment of the design requirements of real-time drawing of curves on 3D objects in AR/VR is followed by the… 
Stability-Aware Simplification of Curve Networks
This work presents a novel method for fabrication-aware simplification of curve networks, algorithmically selecting a stable subset of given 3D curves for worst-case stability, leading to a mixed-integer semi-definite programming problem (MI-SDP).


Experimental Evaluation of Sketching on Surfaces in VR
A set of controlled studies to analyze the factors affecting human ability to sketch freely in a 3D VR environment indicate that the lack of a physical drawing surface is a major cause of inaccuracies in VR drawing, and that the effect is dependent on the orientation of the drawing surface.
Lift-Off: Using Reference Imagery and Freehand Sketching to Create 3D Models in VR
Lift-Off is presented, an immersive 3D interface for creating complex models with a controlled, handcrafted style for virtual reality (VR), and results are positive, with the visual style of the resulting models of animals and other organic subjects as well as architectural models matching what is possible with traditional fine art media.
Drawing on Air: Input Techniques for Controlled 3D Line Illustration
Drawing on air introduces two new strategies for more controlled 3D drawing: one-handed drag drawing and two-handed tape drawing, and describes a tangent preserving method for transitioning between the two techniques while drawing.
Mobi3DSketch: 3D Sketching in Mobile AR
Mobi3DSketch is presented, which integrates multiple sources of inputs with tools, mainly different versions of 3D snapping and planar/curves surface proxies, and supports both absolute and relative drawing, allowing easy creation of3D concept designs in situ.
Multiplanes: Assisted Freehand VR Sketching
Multiplanes is presented, a VR drawing system that supports both the flexibility of freehand drawing and the ability to draw accurate shapes in 3D by affording both planar and beautified drawing.
SymbiosisSketch: Combining 2D & 3D Sketching for Designing Detailed 3D Objects in Situ
We present SymbiosisSketch, a hybrid sketching system that combines drawing in air (3D) and on a drawing surface (2D) to create detailed 3D designs of arbitrary scale in an augmented reality (AR)
The Effect of Spatial Ability on Immersive 3D Drawing
The results indicate that there are different types of behaviours that affect different aspects of the sketches and it is found that the user's spatial ability affects the shape of the drawing, but not the line precision.
Surface drawing: creating organic 3D shapes with the hand and tangible tools
This work evaluated Surface Drawing through collaboration with artists and designers, exhibition before hundreds of users, an extensive exploration of the medium, and an informal user study, finding response was especially positive from users with an artistic background.
Skippy: single view 3D curve interactive modeling
This work introduces Skippy, a novel algorithm for 3D interactive curve modeling from a single view, and presents a collection of novel editing operations allowing artists to rapidly explore and refine the combinatorial space of solutions.
Modeling by Drawing with Shadow Guidance
A novel sketch-based modeling system which allows novice users to create 3D custom models by assembling parts based on a database of pre-segmented 3D models based on prior knowledge pre-analyzed from the database is presented.