Micturition habits and incontinence in 7-year-old Swedish school entrants

  title={Micturition habits and incontinence in 7-year-old Swedish school entrants},
  author={A. -L. Hellstr{\"o}m and E. Hanson and Sverker Hansson and Kelm Hj{\"a}lm{\aa}s and Ulf Jodal},
  journal={European Journal of Pediatrics},
The prevalence of incontinence in children has been extensively studied, but knowledge of other bladder symptoms is lacking in a healthy child population. The micturition habits of 3556 7-year-old school entrants were surveyed by a questionnaire supplemented by telephone interviews. One or more symptoms of a disturbed bladder function was reported in 26%, but most of these had moderate urgency as a sign of incomplete voluntary bladder control. Isolated bedwetting occurred in 2.8% of the girls… CONTINUE READING