Microwave spectroscopy of a quantum-dot molecule

  title={Microwave spectroscopy of a quantum-dot molecule},
  author={Tjerk H. Oosterkamp and Toshimasa Fujisawa and Wilfred van der Wiel and Kazunori Ishibashi and R. V. Hijman and Seigo Tarucha and L. P. Kouwenhoven},
Quantum dots are small conductive regions in a semiconductor, containing a variable number of electrons (from one to a thousand) that occupy well-defined, discrete quantum states—for which reason they are often referred to as artificial atoms. Connecting them to current and voltage contacts allows the discrete energy spectra to be probed by charge-transport measurements. Two quantum dots can be connected to form an ‘artificial molecule’. Depending on the strength of the inter-dot coupling… CONTINUE READING
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