Microwave remote sensing of sea ice in the AIDJEX Main Experiment

  title={Microwave remote sensing of sea ice in the AIDJEX Main Experiment},
  author={William Joseph Campbell and J. L. Wayenberg and J. B. Ramseyer and René O. Ramseier and M. R. Vant and R. Weaver and A F Redmond and L. Arsenaul and Per Gloersen and H. Jay Zwally and Thomas T. Wilheit and Tien Chin Chang and Dorothy K. Hall and Levi Gray and Deborah Meeks and Maurice L. Bryan and F. T. Barath and Charles Elachi and Franz Leberl and Tom G. Farr},
  journal={Boundary-Layer Meteorology},
During the AIDJEX Main Experiment, April 1975 through May 1976, a comprehensive microwave sensing program was performed on the sea ice of the Beaufort Sea. Surface and aircraft measurements were obtained during all seasons using a wide variety of active and passive microwave sensors. The surface program obtained passive microwave measurements of various ice types using four antennas mounted on a tracked vehicle. In three test regions, each with an area of approximately 1.5 × 104 m2, detailed… CONTINUE READING