Microwave-Speci fi c E ff ects on the Equilibrium Constants and Thermodynamics of the Steam − Carbon and Related Reactions

  title={Microwave-Speci fi c E ff ects on the Equilibrium Constants and Thermodynamics of the Steam − Carbon and Related Reactions},
  author={Anthony Ferrari and Jacob Hunt and Adrian Lita and Bridgett Ashley and Albert E. Stiegman},
The steam−carbon reaction, which is the essential reaction of the gasification processes of carbon-based feed stocks (e.g., coal and biomass), produces synthesis gas (H2 + CO), a synthetically flexible, environmentally benign energy source. The reaction is very endothermic, which mandates high temperatures and a large expenditure of energy to drive the reaction. We have found that using microwave irradiation to selectively heat the carbon leads to dramatically different observed thermodynamics… CONTINUE READING


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