Microwave SQUID Multiplexer for TES Readout

  title={Microwave SQUID Multiplexer for TES Readout},
  author={Fuminori Hirayama and Satoshi Kohjiro and Daiji Fukuda and Hirotake Yamamori and S.. Nagasawa and M. Hidaka},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity},
Resonant frequencies and SQUID inductances LS in a microwave SQUID multiplexer are studied for the purpose of reliable design applicable for a future large-format array of transition edge sensors (TESs). The key element of the multiplexer chip is a quarter-wave-length resonator terminated by a dissipationless rf SQUID connected to TES. For the resonator, we found that a small correction to the effective length of the resonators made the designed resonant frequencies fit the experimental one… CONTINUE READING


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