Microvessel PO2 measurements by phosphorescence decay method.

  title={Microvessel PO2 measurements by phosphorescence decay method.},
  author={Ivo P. Torres Filho and Marcos Intaglietta},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={265 4 Pt 2},
A system is described for the in vivo noninvasive measurement of intravascular PO2 at the microscopic level. Under special circumstances the method can also be used to measure interstitial PO2. The PO2 determination is based on the O2-dependent quenching of phosphorescence of palladium-porphyrins bound to albumin. This compound was injected intravenously in the dosage of 30 mg/kg body wt and dissolved in saline to a concentration of 15 mg/ml. The phosphorescence emission was excited by epi… CONTINUE READING
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