Microvascular endothelial cell shape and size in situ.

  title={Microvascular endothelial cell shape and size in situ.},
  author={Roger H. Adamson},
  journal={Microvascular research},
  volume={46 1},
To estimate total cleft length per unit surface area, previous studies assumed that endothelial cell clefts were oriented randomly with respect to the axis of the microvessel (Bundgaard and Frøkjaer-Jensen, Microvasc. Res. 23, 1-30, 1982). In the present study, silver precipitation along the intercellular clefts of capillary endothelium ("silver lines") in the frog mesentery allowed observation of cleft orientation as well as estimation of cell shape, cell area (CA), and cleft length per unit… CONTINUE READING