Microvariation creates significant functional differences in the DR3 molecules.

  title={Microvariation creates significant functional differences in the DR3 molecules.},
  author={Phillip E. Posch and H A Araujo and Karen Creswell and C Praud and Armead H. Johnson and Carolyn K Hurley},
  journal={Human immunology},
  volume={42 1},
Two DR3 molecules differ by four amino acids whose side chains point into the DR antigen-binding groove. To begin to assess the role of microvariation on DR3 function, DRB1*0302 residues were replaced with DRB1*0301 residues at beta-chain positions 26, 47, 86, and 47 plus 86. Murine fibroblast cell lines expressing DR(alpha, beta 1*0301), DR(alpha, beta 1*0302), and the four mutant 0302 molecules were examined for alloproliferative DR(alpha, beta 1*0302)-specific TLC stimulation and peptide… CONTINUE READING

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