Microtubule target for new antileishmanial drugs based on ethyl 3-haloacetamidobenzoates.

  title={Microtubule target for new antileishmanial drugs based on ethyl 3-haloacetamidobenzoates.},
  author={Abdala Hiam and David Sebastien and Bekesi George and Fellous Arlette and Jorge Agle Kalil and P Le Pape},
  journal={Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry},
  volume={21 3},
A new family of antimicrotubule drugs named (3-haloacetamidobenzoyl) ureas and ethyl 3-haloacetamidobenzoates were found to be cytotoxic to the Leishmania parasite protozoa. While the benzoylureas were shown to strongly inhibit in vitro mammalian brain microtubule assembly, the ethyl ester derivatives were characterized as very poor inhibitors of this process. Ethyl 3-chloroacetamidobenzoate, MF29, was found to be the most efficient drug on the promastigote stage of three Leishmania species… CONTINUE READING