Microtubule nucleation by γ-tubulin-containing rings in the centrosome

  title={Microtubule nucleation by γ-tubulin-containing rings in the centrosome},
  author={Michelle Moritz and Michael B. Braunfeld and John Sedat and Bruce M. Alberts and David A. Agard},
THE microtubule cytoskeleton of animal cells does not assemble spontaneously, but instead requires the centrosome. This organelle consists of a pair of centrioles surrounded by a complex collection of proteins known as the pericentriolar material (PCM)1. The PCM is required for microtubule nucleation2. The minus, or slow-growing, ends of microtubules are embedded in the PCM and the plus, or fast-growing, ends project outwards into the cytoplasm during interphase, or into the spindle apparatus… CONTINUE READING
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