Microtubule-dependent association of AKAP350A and CCAR1 with RNA stress granules.

  title={Microtubule-dependent association of AKAP350A and CCAR1 with RNA stress granules.},
  author={Elena Kolobova and Andrey V. Efimov and Irina Kaverina and Arun K. Rishi and John W Schrader and A H Ham and Maria C Larocca and James R Goldenring},
  journal={Experimental cell research},
  volume={315 3},
Recent investigations have highlighted the importance of subcellular localization of mRNAs to cell function. While AKAP350A, a multifunctional scaffolding protein, localizes to the Golgi apparatus and centrosomes, we have now identified a cytosolic pool of AKAP350A. Analysis of AKAP350A scaffolded complexes revealed two novel interacting proteins, CCAR1 and caprin-1. CCAR1, caprin-1 and AKAP350A along with G3BP, a stress granule marker, relocate to RNA stress granules after arsenite treatment… CONTINUE READING