Microtubule-associated protein 1C from brain is a two-headed cytosolic dynein

  title={Microtubule-associated protein 1C from brain is a two-headed cytosolic dynein},
  author={Richard B Vallee and Joseph S. Wall and Bryce M. Paschal and Howard S. Shpetner},
Dynein, an ATPase, is the force-generating protein in cilia and flagella1. It has long been speculated that cytoplasmic microtubules contain a related enzyme involved in cell division2 or in intracellular organelle transport3. A 'cytoplasmic dynein' has been described in sea urchin eggs4,5, but because the egg stockpiles precursors for both cytoplasmic and ciliary microtubules, the role of this enzyme in the cell has remained unresolved. We recently found that the microtubule-associated protein… CONTINUE READING

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