[Microsurgical treatment of gigantic dumbbell-shaped jugular foramen tumor].


OBJECTIVE To discuss the method of microsurgical treatment for jugular foramen tumor (JFT). METHODS Ten patients with dumbbell-shaped JFTs who were microsurgically treated by the same group were retrospectively studied, the surgical approaches includes infratemporal approach and modified far lateral approach according to tumors' size, blood feeding, hearing and growth manner. Cranial nerve function, pre- and postoperative complications, follow-up data were presented and discussed. RESULTS Gross total tumor removal was achieved in 7 patients, subtotal removal in 2 cases, partial removal in 1 case, postoperative cerebrospinal fluid leaking in 1 cases, postoperative new cranial nerve defects in 1 cases, aggravation in 2 cases. Postoperative deficits of the cranial nerves improved in 80 percent of the patients. Favorable facial function in 6 months postoperatively (House-Brackmann grade system in Grade 1 and Grade 2) was noted in 7 of the 10 patients. The postoperative level of hearing was preserved in 3 of the 6 patients with residual hearing. Recurrence was noted in 1 case during the follow-up period. CONCLUSIONS Surgical total removal of JFT is possible depends on microsurgical operation with the two approaches with lowly additional neurological deficits. The function of preoperative affected cranial nerves can be recovered.

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