Microsurgical subinguinal varicocelectomy in patients with recurrent or persistent varicocele

  title={Microsurgical subinguinal varicocelectomy in patients with recurrent or persistent varicocele},
  author={Resul Sobay},
65 Sobay et al., Microsurgical Varicocelectomy in Persistent Varicocele / doi: 10.14744/hnhj.2018.64426 cacy of microsurgical varicocelectomy in the treatment recurrent varicocele. Materials and Methods Our retrospective study population consisted of 32 patients who had been previously operated with the indication of varicocele in our urology clinic, but developed recurrent varicocele detected based on physical examination and ultrasonographic evaluation. However, semen parameters of these… 

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Treatment effect of TUSPLV on recurrent varicocele

It is concluded that employing TUSPLV to treat recurrent VC was safe and effective and the occurrence and recurrence rates of periprocedural complications were considerably lower in the observation group.

[Venography of postoperative recurrence of symptomatic varicocele in males].

The experience with venography in patients with postoperative recurrent varicocele demonstrates that the anatomic variants, not detected preoperatively because phlebography had not been performed, were the most frequent causes of recurrence.

Low inguinal approach for correction of recurrent varicocele

A good surgical outcome and improvement of semen quality without significant complications is indicated and a marked improvement of sperm analysis was noted in 19 patients.

Interventional Radiology of Male Varicocele: Current Status

It clearly emerges from this analysis that there is a need for randomized multicentre trials designed to compare the various surgical and percutaneous techniques, all of which are aimed at occlusion of the anterior pampiniform plexus.

Recurrent varicocele

A systematic review was performed to evaluate varicocele recurrence rates, anatomic causes of recurrence, and methods of management of recurrent varicoceles.

Predictive factors of successful redo varicocelectomy in infertile patients with recurrent varicocele

The significant predictive factors of successful RV were lower FSH and PRF; longer time to recurrent varicocele; and larger testicular volume preoperatively and a higher number of ligated veins during redo varicocelectomy.

Recurrent Varicoceles: Causes and Treatment Using Angiography and Magnification Assisted Subinguinal Varicocelectomy

Angiographic embolization was successful in 64% of recurrent varicoceles patients with patent ISVs, however, microscope-assisted subinguinalvaricocelectomy may be the best overall treatment for patients with recurrent varICOceles.

Treatment strategy for the adolescent varicocele.