Microsurgical interlaminary vertebro- and kyphoplasty for severe osteoporotic fractures.

  title={Microsurgical interlaminary vertebro- and kyphoplasty for severe osteoporotic fractures.},
  author={Bronek Maximilian Boszczyk and Michael M Bierschneider and Katharina Schmid and Andreas J. Grillh{\"o}sl and Bj{\"o}rn Robert and Hans Jaksche},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery},
  volume={100 1 Suppl Spine},
OBJECT Percutaneous vertebro- and kyphoplasty have become established methods for the treatment of uncomplicated osteoporotic vertebral fractures. In the setting of severe fractures involving fragmentation of the posterior wall and neural compromise, however, decompressive surgery cannot be performed and epidural cement leakage is poorly controlled. A microsurgical interlaminary approach for vertebro- and kyphoplasty was developed to allow spinal decompression and control of the spinal canal… CONTINUE READING


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